About Promotec

logo_promotec2With over 20,000 combinations on offer, Promotec represent the best partner to meet your production requirements.

Promotec has been on the market since 1993. Their growth has been marked by constant innovative research into machines designed to cut sheet metal. The first company in Italy to develop a family of large-scale laser cutting machines, which started with Maximo in 1998 and was subsequently expanded with Explorer. With the advent of new fibre laser technology on the market, they have now developed a new line of laser cutting machines, the "X Series" (Xtreme, Xpert, Xplorer, Xdream and, coming soon, Xcube).

At the same time as they are developing there laser technology, they also sought to supplement there existing range by developing a family of highly flexible machines, the "K Series" ((Super)Kompact, Kombi and Kombimax). These products represent the best cutting solution currently available with both plasma and oxy-fuel technology, integrated with ISO 30, ISO 40 and ISO 50 drilling systems respectively. For the most demanding customers, for whom high productivity, high performance and high-quality integrated systems are a must, they have developed the "F Series" (Fly Cut and Fly Max): plasma cutting machines with speeds of over 100 metres a minute and unbeatable cutting quality.

Completing the range are the 2D and 3D cutting heads both for laser, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting and for machining sheet metal and tubes with diameters in the range from 80 to 1200mm.