Kombi is a product that perfectly embodies the qualities of Promotec's modular philosophy.

Indeed, Kombi combines the virtues of high versatility and increased mechanical strength, adding to the number of possible configurations with the adoption of ISO 40 drilling heads with 12-position tool change and bevel cutting for both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting.

Endless head combinations, operating ranges and options mean a bespoke product can be tailored to the customer's needs. Kombi can cut from 0 to +/- 45° with plasma generators up to 400A or with multiple oxy-fuel torches. It can drill, thread, countersink and bore, with pick and release or revolver tool change systems.

All operations can be performed on flat sheet metal panels measuring from 1.5 x 3m up to 5 x 60m, as well as on tubes, beams and sections of various kinds.

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