Kombimax is the leading product in the range of large-scale combination of thermal cutting/drilling machines.

A high-strength arc-welded steel gantry, fully internally reinforced and strengthened, allows for the use of ISO 50 drilling heads with 12-position tool change and bevel cutting for both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. Endless head combinations, operating ranges and options mean a bespoke product can be tailored to the customer's needs.

Kombimax can cut from 0 to +/- 45° with plasma generators up to 400A or with multiple oxy-fuel torches. It can drill, thread, countersink and bore, and has a 20-position tool change system.

All operations can be performed on flat sheet metal panels measuring from 2 x 4m up to 5 x 60m, as well as on tubes, beams and sections of various kinds.

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