Cap (s)

UZMA synchro CNC pressbrakes have accurate positioning and repeatability performance, achieved by synchronizing the hydraulic cylinders advanced CNC control of proportional valves and use of optic linear scales.

The CAP S (Standard) has the most complete execution with standard Y1-Y2-X-R axis. Optional it can be extensive up to 16 axis. This machine is standard equipped with one of the following controllers:

  • ESA S 540
  • Delem DA-56
  • Cybelec DNC 884S

The following controllers are optional:

  • ESA S 550
  • Delem DA-65W
  • Delem DA-66W
  • Delem DA-69W
  • Cybelec DNC 887S
  • Modeva 10S
  • Modeva 12S
  • Modeva 15S

CNC pressbrakes are calculating and performing facilities after inputting data like material, thickness, bend length etc., to the CNC control unit. Calibration of cylinders axis and back gauge, maintained by automatic indexing at the start.

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