SMD-beurs Utrecht - 46 rgb (Custom)Siboma also has a special tooling range, namely the LFL and Aluminum Compound dies.

The LFL are the big red dies with the forced rotation axis. Benefits of these dies are:

  • Lower Price
  • Non-ageing
  • Minimal damage of the sheet
  • 60% lower weight
  • Easy to separate
  • Reduce of bending pressure

For the thinner sheets we have the aluminum compound dies. Benefits of these dies are:IMG_6485-bewerkt rgb (Custom)

  • Changeable axis (synthetic material, steel, bronze, titanium/nitrite)
  • Minimal damage of the sheet
  • Weight of the dies is low for easy handling

Regardless these special tooling, we also have the standard pressbrake tooling.

We have several suppliers that have, depending on the customers wishes, their own specialty.